Novel MRI Sensor Provides Molecular View of the Brain

Novel MRI Sensor Provides Molecular View of the Brain.

You mean the world may not be flat after all? This invention is not only significant for physicians and scientists to help diagnose and better treat neurological disorders, but it is yet another reminder to medical professionals that we still do not have sensitive enough diagnostic tools to detect all diseases.

So many doctors still profess that many health problems people have are just not “real” or in a patient’s head. This reaction is due to the fact that many times when patients complain of symptoms, doctors don’t “see” anything wrong. For a long time, we weren’t able to see diabetes, or MS, or cancer for that matter. And until we invented tools like x-rays and MRI’s, these diseases were said to be in people’s heads too.

Being able to measure and “see” neurotransmitter activity is still being develop, and this missing piece may provide some very needed information for the medical community to better understand so many diseases that have been accused of being all in someone’s head. I personally believe that anyone who complains of health problems, actually has a health problem. Whether or not we can “see” it is simply a matter of having the right technology. All diseases are real, and most doctors would do well to study medical history a little to see that we have accused people of being crazy about health problems since the beginning of time, simply because the healers simply could not figure them out. Any doctor who claims a health problem is all in someone’s head is as ignorant to me as the people who jailed Galileo for suggesting that the world was round.

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