Study – Human Exposure to BPA Grossly Underestimated –

Study – Human Exposure to BPA Grossly Underestimated –

Yet another study saying that humans are exposed to more BPA than previously thought and at levels that are damaging our hormonal health. At this point, there seems to be more than enough studies showing the harmful effects of BPA and that our country should be taking action. But no. There remains a lurking controversy that is blocking our regulatory systems from banning this ubiquitous substance. The main controversy underlying the determination of whether or not BPA is bad for us is that some schools of science say the human body can metabolize and excrete the substance just fine, while others say we cannot.

It is frustrating to me to know that there are people, in the scientific community no less, who believe that humans were built to metabolize and detoxify everything equally. In fact it is amazing that we let any scientist assert this and not fire him from his job! I can think of so many obvious examples that the human body has demonstrated that it cannot metabolize “everything” that it seems criminal to suggest anything else.

The most glaring obvious point is medicinal drugs. We know that different people metabolize drugs differently. Whereas some people barely notice the effects of the drug, others have such negative reactions they almost die. Or how about food allergies? Why can most people eat peanuts without a problem, yet others can go into anaphylactic shock? And how about if someone ingests 2 tylenol for a headache? Taking 2-5 Tylenol pills usually can help get rid of pain, but 30 can kill you. Enough said.

Yet still some scientists believe that the human body can defend itself against most substances it encounters. Which miraculously is somewhat true. The human liver and detoxification system are quite powerful in defending us from many toxins. But today, with more than 50,000 new manmade chemicals bombarding us on a regular basis, even the powerful liver cannot keep up. And what about people with liver or kidney diseases, or alcoholics, or diabetics and many other people with compromised detoxification systems. I think that we would find that the scientists who claim that the liver can detoxify everything, have a financial interest in making this assertion.

Fortunately there seem to be enough scientists interested in exposing the truth about BPA and continue to present data that proves it is a harmful chemical that should be banned or at the very least restricted. In the meantime, we should all lower our exposure to BPA by avoiding unnecessary use of plastics. And you should consume natural substances that are known to help metabolize this substance more quickly. Natural soy products, folate from dark greens and seaweed, fresh water and teas that are known detoxifiers like dandelion and green tea can help.

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