Nestle Researchers May Come up with Fat-Burning Drink | Wall Street OTC

Nestle Researchers May Come up with Fat-Burning Drink | Wall Street OTC.

Oh the irony… Nestle, a company that makes foods that contribute to obesity, is developing a drink that burns fat. Sound familiar Phillip Morris? But it looks like it may actually work, at least in part.

The chemical compound called “C13″ is the secret behind Nestle’s fat-burning elixir. It interacts with an enzyme that plays a role in muscle glucose intake. So it could help with fat-burning.

One of the main concerns about creating such a drink is that people will use it in place of exercise. Nestle is quick to defend this product by saying it is not intended to replace exercise, but could be helpful for people who are not able to exercise regularly due to disabilities, etc.

It’s too soon to tell if this drink will have a real impact on weight loss. Like many other weight-loss “miracle products”, it will probably have minimal affect, and could produce unwanted side-effects. Hopefully people will not use it as a replacement for exercise, which provides so much more than just burning fat, but as a supplement to aid in weight loss.

We’ll see if this product ever makes it to market. And I suppose the proof will be in the pudding…. haha… get it?


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